A surprise birthday party was held for Jewell Ellerman’s 95th birthday. It was held Saturday afternoon, Oct. 2, in the fellowship hall at the Low Housing Apartment on 408 N. Grand Ave. He daughter, Helen Ellerman, and friend, Karen Coy, of Harwood and Scott Berning, who is manager of the apartment where they live, was going to help but was ill and sent a cake.

Others attending were: Jewell’s neice and husband, Martha and Jim Waltrip of Nevada; Jeanie O’Brien of Schell City; Arletta Wilson and Margrent Williams of Rich Hill; Wallie and Dorothy Vasch, Madylin Desch, Mary Tomblinson, Veronica and Casey Allison, Alexander and Dorothy Kramer.

Rob and Cheryl Ellerman of Edwards spent Sunday, Oact. 3, in the home of Jewell and Helen Ellerman to surprise Jewell on her 95th birthday. They came to church then they went to Madalyn’s Kitchen in Schell City.

Jewell said she would like to thank all who came to her party and thank everyone who sent cards and flowers and who helped afterwards.

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