By Helen Ellerman

Church service was held at the Harwood Baptist Church Sunday, April 1. Brother Mike Dunivan’s sermon “The First Resurrection Sunday” was taken from Matthew 28:1-15. They had two specials from the members.

Jewell and Helen Ellerman attended Easter Service at the Grace United Methodist Church at El Dorado Springs Sunday morning and evening. They had an evening meal.

The Harwood and Schell City area received a much needed rain this past week. The Harwood area received some ice on Easter Sunday in the afternoon.

The Harwood Post Office is still open from 1:15 to 3:15 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Chris is the clerk in charge.

They say there in no election in Harwood or Schell City as no one is running for anything. The Village of Harwood no longer has a board as no one wants to be on the board. It is sad as Harwood used to have a lot of people living there and now there is nothing there except for the elevator, the Post Office and one church, the Baptist Church.