by Julia Snethen & Marge Zink
Sunday morning worship service at the Rockville United Methodist Church was conducted by Leland Browing entitled “Intimacy” from Mathew 13:3-11. You are welcome to join to join us for worship Sunday at 9 a.m. no Tuesday Bible Study.
Mt. Zion area has more inches of rain, crops are growing, corn is almost knee high, hay is being baled and gardens are producing. Can’t complain, life is good, but we will when it stops raining and gets hot.
Dixie Peterson is doing therapy at Truman Lake Manor; she will have a birthday celebration. Brenda Peterson was a recent visitor.
Wanda Rector and family members enjoyed vacation in Branson area recently.
Over at the Robin Siegismund Farm, things are going well; Belle is happy and Robin is happy. They hatched a white guinea plus more hatchings. Robin is happy with her new truck, Belle says “paws are for walking.”
Julia and John Snethen had a busy week with John running his bus route and Julia doing honey do chores. Julia went to El Dorado Springs on Monday then to Appleton City shopping and she made it to her hair appointment on Friday then more honey do’s. Saturday John and Ron went to the races at Wheatland.
Larry and Betty Teal of Springfield, Brenda Peterson of Richmond, Sherry Peterson of Garden City helped Stacy celebrate her birthday early with a family dinner in the home of Marge Zink. Mike and Stacy Griffith and Uncle Howard Peterson were afternoon visitors.