by Helen Ellerman

The Reedy family held a family reunion on Saturday, June 11 at the Stockton Nursing Home. Betty (Reedy) Pearcy is a resident at the nursing home. The reunion was held for family who was visiting from Idaho: Roy Hart – Paul, ID, who was married to the late Sarah (Reedy) Hart, his daughter, Beverly Rogers and granddaughter, Ametny  – Burley, ID, Roy’s daughter-in-law, Lila Hart, and her granddaughter, Janna Wilson – Paul, ID; others there were Grace (Reedy) Smith – Butler; Kathy Osborn – Rock, KS; Sharon Smith – Kansas City; Harry and Pam Slater – Grass Valley, CA; Leon and Kathy Smith and Jim and Martha Waltrip all of Nevada; Janet Taylor – Walker; Darrel and Judy Nichols, Tammy Agee and Christopher Miller  – Stockton; Tom and Virginia Reedy – Kidder; Bob and Cheryl Ellerman – Edwards and Jewell and Helen Ellerman. There is just three of the Reedy family still living of the 18. The Reedy family grew up in the Harwood area. It was Helen Ellerman’s birthday that day so they sang happy birthday to her.

Connie Locke, pastor of the Schell City United Methodist Church attended the Missouri United Methodist Church’s annual conference at the Expo Center at Springfield Thursday, June 2, through Monday, June 6.

Bob and Cheryl Ellerman of Edwards spent the weekend in the home of Jewell and Helen Ellerman.

Church service was held at the Harwood Baptist Church Sunday, June 12. Brother Jon Caudle Jr.’s sermon was taken from Luke 7.

Church service was held at the Schell City United Methodist Church Sunday, June 12. Pastor Connie Locke’s sermon “Forgiveness,” was taken from Luke 7:36-8:3. Sunday School was held before church. Jeanie O’Brien led the lesson “The Consequences of Disobedience,” taken from Zephaniah 3:1-8.

A going away dinner was held at the Schell City Community Building Sunday, June 12, for Pastor Connie Locke of the Schell City United Methodist Church as the Schell Church is closing their doors. Sunday, June 19, will be the last Sunday for services. Connie will be going to the Marrionville United Methodist Church. Those attending the dinner beside Connie were: Jewell and Helen Ellerman, Jeanie O’Brien, Ruth Ijams, Jeanie Wright and Betty Souza all from the Church. Lawrence Cripps, lay speaker for the Horton and Metz United Methodist Churches and wife, Gina; Bob and Cheryl Ellerman; Jim and Sharon Goodman; Madalyn Crocker; Brother Doug Reynolds; Roger and Tammi Beach; Ron Pence; Lloyd and Sandy Pence; Sharon Sanderson; Frank Lurten and grandson; Eva Hardy; John and Lucille Hoagland; John and Jeanie Hoagland; Ervin and Carylon Goodman; Sam and Dorothy Vantellman; Wilda Hall; Abe Spencer; Patty Vacca; John and Judy Gwyn; Winkie Smith; Diane Eslinger; Jeanie Watson; Barbara Wilson; Shirley Zehr; Everett and Pat Prough; Norma Jean Thomas; Larry and Sue Wentz; Connie Davis; Kateleyn Vecelen; Braylee Jo Haddix; Bobbie Jo Harms; Rachel and Tom Thorton; Lucy and Donnie Greer; Pat and Joe Willis; Grandy and Kelly Davis; Brice Wurdeman and David Wurdeman.

The Schell City United Methodist Church and the Schell City/Harwood United Methodist Women held the dinner for Connie and they furnished the meat and drinks for the dinner. Madalyn Crocker, from Madalyn’s Kitchen, helped furnish the meat and drinks as well. The other two churches at Schell were invited along with the community and the Horton and Metz churches were also invited to the dinner for Connie. Connie will be missed.

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