by Marge Zink and Julia Snethen

Mt. Zion area enjoyed the sunshine and dry weather for a few days. Yards get mowed, some gardens got planted, area farmers were able to do some fieldwork.

Everyone is staying home, except the ones that have to go to their jobs. All trying to do our part to keep the COVID-19 from increasing.

Dixie Peterson is still doing therapy at the Truman Lake Manor, since they can’t have visitors. Dixie is enjoying phone calls, mail & T.V.

Wanda Pector has been staying home trying to get the yard in shape.

Over at the Robin Siegismund Farm, Belle has noticed one of the pecan trees just dropped nuts, what it should have done last fall. Belle thinks the tree is confused by the weather. Robin was surprised the pecans were so nice.

We wish Sheri Suster a speedy recovery form her car accident recently. She is recovering at Rehab.

John and Julia Snethen kept their doctor’s appointments. Julia got a good report, John got a lecture.

Tom Pelkey kept his doctor’s appointment, waiting for the results from tests.

Marge Zink hasn’t done anymore deep cleaning; she now has several more weeks at home and her shone has stopped cracking so you can hear who’s calling need we say more.

The finches have got their yellow color. We are still waiting for hummers.

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