Morning message at Rockville United Methodist church by Pastor David Hill was “Seeking Wisdom” from Matthew 13:31-35, Old Testament reading 1 Kings 3:5-12. You are always welcome to join us for worship Sunday 9 a.m.; Tuesday Bible Study 9 a.m.

Mt. Zion area was thankful for the rain showers the past week. Farmers have been busy making sileage and baling hay. Lots of farm ponds getting cleaned out.

Sympathy and prayers to the family of Carolyn Henzlik.  Funeral services were Aug. 1.

Wanda Rector has been staying home planning her next trip for when cool weather arrives. Lawanda came to visit for a few days, and was glad to find her mother busy.

Judy Pier is still doing well after surgery and is attending exercise.

John and Julia Snethen have been busy keeping doctor appointments. John had eye surgery and is doing good.

Mt. Zion Club will meet at 1 p.m. Aug. 23, at Marge Zink’s home (Forth Wednesday). Club will celebrate it’s 100th Birthday on Aug. 23.

Tri-County Quilt Club will meet Aug. 7, at Rockville United Methodist Church Fellowship hall at 1:30.  Sewing begins at 10 with lunch at 12:30 and the meeting at 1:30. For additional information, please contact Marge Zink 660.598.4240.

Over at Robin Siegismund’s Farm, Belle is worried about Petey, when they loaded cattle he didn’t help; you know he thinks he is the best cow dog. Come to find out what he was doing instead, was pestering a skunk, the smell was bad. How could that be more fun then helping load cows? Robin is mad at the guineas they want to roost in the tree. Belle and Mabel’s dog, Speck, are happy to take a nap in the shade and watch the little people.