by Marge Zink and Julia Snethen

Christmas morning at the Rockville United Methodist Church by Pastor Nick Van Dam was titled “A Christmas Gift.” Pastor Bill and Lori Van Dam, Pastor Nick’s parents, lit the advent candle. Christmas Eve services were well attended, always loved the candle lighting service and the old fashion sack of goodies just like when we were kids especially the oranges. Each kid got a whole orange for themselves.

Mt. Zion Home Bible study is held in the home of Tom and Beverly Pelkey each Tuesday at 7 p.m. to study the Bible with eight in attendance.

Mother Nature was sure nice to folks in the Mt. Zion Area for the lovely weather.

Bob and Sheri Suster spent Christmas day with family in the city.

Christmas dinner guest in the Marge Zink home was Mike and Stacy Griffith, Howard and Dixie Peterson, and Tom and Beverly Pelkey. Recent visitors have been Thelma Cook and Sherry from Iola, KS.

Dixie Peterson kept her doctor appointment getting a good report from all her tests.

Ron Thompson, John and Julia Snethen met James and Jamie Thompson and nephew Dalton, Frank, Cindy and Jaden Thompson, Georgetta Branstetter, Barbie and Bray Winder at Sugarfoot in Fort Scott, KS, for Christmas Eve dinner. It was the first time most of Julia’s children had been together with her in 25 years and loved her Christmas miracle. On Monday evening Michael and Logan Snethen, Shella Akers, David Vandivier, Cody Wight and Abby Jarman came for Christmas dinner. After dinner, we played games and enjoyed the evening.

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