The Cedar County MU Extension Council Meeting took place on Monday, Sept. 12 at the Cedar County Memorial Hospital Health Complex in Stockton.

Chairwoman Nedra Fox called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. and Maranda Spangler, vice chairwoman, took meeting minutes in absence of council secretary Kelly Hendricks.

Roll call was taken. Present was: Cory Dawes, Nedra Fox, Jim Phillips, Roger Ankrom, Jordan Richner, Rachel Stauffer and Maranda Spangler.

Minutes were read and reviewed by council. Motion was made to approve the minutes by Maranda Spangler, seconded by Cory Dawes and motion carried.

Treasurer’s report was read and reviewed by council. Motion was made to approve treasurer’s report by Jim Phillips, seconded by Rachel Stauffer and motion carried.

Committee Reports:

• Election

• Committee discussed potential nominees for upcoming Cedar County MU Extension Council Election in January. Committee members will reach out to names that were discussed to see if they would be interested in serving. The possibility of current members rerunning was discussed and Roger Ankrom and Megan Richner expressed interest in not rerunning. Council members will check with current members, Todd Leonard, Rose Mott and Frank Anderson to find out if they will re-run.

• Equipment

• Rachel Stauffer and Velynda Cameron proposed to buy shelves for the 4-H youth program assistant office. The 4-H Council approved to match up to $250 if the Extension Council would do the same. After reviewing shelving options. Jim Phillips made a motion to match up to $125 for the purchase of metal shelving and totes. Maranda Spangler seconded. Motion passes. If additional funds are needed to address storage, the issue will be readdressed. Heather will look for an office chair when she can.

• Programs

• Programs were discussed later during the reaching out report

Old Business

Contacting city officials for representation on the Extension Council

• Patrick spoke to Stockton City Mayor Mary Norell and she will discuss it at the next city meeting. Patrick will speak to the El Dorado Springs mayor this week as well.

Youth Program Assistant Position

• The request to fill the 20 hour a week position has been submitted to the University for approval.

Secretary Benefits

• The executive council of, Nedra Fox, Maranda Spangler, Roger Ankrom and Kelly Hendricks voted via email and in person once the rates were received from Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan. The Selection of Offerings forms were due by Sept. 9 to insurance provider, MCHCP. The executive council unanimously agreed to continue with the same benefit options for 2017 since the rates remained the same. See insurance information and voting results.

New Business

• University Funding – Tamra Robbins, secretary Benefits Coordinator, will be at the WC Regional Council meeting on Sept. 19 at 6 p.m. in Clinton to discuss the changes in funding the secretary benefit plans (insurance and retirement). The reduction will take place over two years and be about $3,834 less in 2019 as in 2017. The University will eliminate the postage allotment of about $1,800 per year. Patrick, Maranda and Kelly will attend the meeting.

Other Business

• Reaching Out Report was shared by Patrick and Julie Ledford.

The next meeting will be on Oct. 3 in the Cedar County Health Complex on Owen Mill Road in Stockton.