The Missouri Department of Natural Resources invites Missourians to celebrate drinking water week by taking a moment to reflect on the importance of a clean abundant supply of quality tap water.
Whether you use it to cool off after a workout or warm up in a hot bath, your tap water is there when you need it. Without it, there would be no morning coffee, no clean clothes and nothing to clean those garden-fresh fruits and vegetables.
Drinking Water Week, May 1-7, recognizes the essential role drinking water plays in our daily lives, with the theme “There when you need it.” Most of us turn on our faucets and expect a plentiful supply of clean, safe water to come out. Water, one of our most precious natural resources, is too often taken for granted.
In celebration of Drinking Water Week the department, in conjunction with the American Water Works Association, held a poster contest for all Missouri fifth grade students. First place went to Aswin Sureshkumar of Creve Coeur. Second place went to Emery Skidmore of Warrensburg, while Robert Edmonds of Piedmont received third place.
Public water systems in Missouri face increasingly complex challenges, and overall have an extraordinary compliance record. Each water system is responsible for monitoring conditions at individual water plants and is required to employ trained certified operators. Water systems in Missouri are required to regularly sample water for many different contaminants following federal and state limits. A state-approved laboratory must analyze these samples and the results must be reported to the department. The majority of testing is done at the Department of Natural Resources’ and the Department of Health and Senior Services’ labs, at no cost to the systems, saving the consumers money.
For more information, visit, or call the Department of Natural Resources’ Public Drinking Water Branch at 800-361-4827 or 573-751-5331.