Governor-elect Eric Greitens announced his new Director for the Department of Corrections. He sent the following message announcing his pick.

Throughout the campaign, we promised to fight the culture of corruption and politics as usual with a team of reformers and outsiders. Today, I am proud to welcome a new champion to that fight.

Missouri’s Department of Corrections is broken and that puts public safety at risk. Our corrections officers struggle in a culture of harassment and neglect, in a department with low morale and shockingly high turnover. These men and women do important work. They need our help. I’m committed to that mission. That’s why I’m honored to announce that Anne Precythe has accepted our offer to serve as the next Director of the Department of Corrections for the State of Missouri.

Anne Precythe, new Department of Corrections Director

Anne is a lifelong corrections employee and leader from North Carolina. She started her career on the front lines, as a probation and parole officer. She grew within her department into leadership roles, and she hired and led a team that changed the culture of corrections. Using data and technology, she made the department leaner and more efficient. After she learned how tough life was for some employees under her charge, she launched a program to support employees who were affected by violence—at work or at home.

Anne is tough on crime and a fierce advocate for the employees and officers who will keep our streets safe. She delivered results in North Carolina. In her state, people released from prison are less likely to commit crimes again. The system is wasting less money. Employees feel heard and appreciated. Because of Anne’s leadership, corrections officers are supported, and families know that their state prisons are well-run and secure.

This work isn’t just a career for Anne—it’s a calling. She feels called to serve here in Missouri, and we are grateful that she will be serving alongside our team. We pledged in the campaign to “do different,” and with Anne at the helm of the Department of Corrections, that’s what we’re going to do.

Yours In Service,

Eric Greitens