by Cassie Downs,

Christian Blogger

I’m a big fan of control. I like to know what’s happening and when it’s happening. I love having a plan and knowing I’m ready for whatever lies ahead. The very thought of the unknown makes me cringe, but it seems like that’s God’s favorite place for me these days, the valley of unknown.

As I prepared this thought today, I  grew curious about the fear of the unknown, because let’s be honest; fear is why I’m not a fan of the unknown. I can’t control the unknown, therefore; I fear it.  In my curiosity, I did a little google search, and there it was, the word I’ve been searching for, xenophobia: fear of the unknown.

Maybe I’m alone in my struggle with xenophobia, but I highly doubt it, and this little phobia is what has held me back in my pursuit of faith, life, and ministry more than anything else. I’ve allowed the fear of the unknown to rob me of so many precious moments over the years. This fear has stopped me from adventures with my family, writing books, pursuing friendships, following God’s heart in certain areas of ministry, and much more.  Maybe you too are contending xenophobia. Perhaps you’re facing the unknown in your marriage or finances. Maybe you have a wayward child, and you experience fear of the unknown over their future. Whatever unknown you stand staring at today, I came to encourage you and me. God is in the unknown. He’s with us, leading us, and working everything out. There is goodness to be found in the unknown, and His name is Jesus. It’s in the unknown where we have but one good option, lean into Him.

We only have two choices; lean into Jesus and let him lead us or give up short of the breakthrough, promise, blessing, or goodness of God. God doesn’t allow us to experience the unknown to punish us but to grow our faith in Him.  The unknown can be scary, but trusting God through the unknown is far more rewarding. And what we see as unknown, God sees fully. So what do we do when facing the unknown? Persevere. Keep moving forward, believing that God is with you. Jesus left us the blueprint when He endured the cross. I’m sure the fear of the unknown was real to Him, but He suffered anyway, and He did it for you. Lets not allow the unknown to rob one more moment, relationship, gift, promise, or breakthrough from you. Don’t grow weary and don’t give up.

For consider him who endured such hostility from sinners against himself, so that you won’t grow weary and give up. Hebrews 12:3.