My Fellow Missourians:

Now that 2016 elections are finally over, the voters have spoken by casting their ballots in our Republic with the critics readily evaluating the results. It’s becoming apparent that about half the people are happy and the other half are heartbroken. The opportunity to change the direction of the State of Missouri and our great Nation has never been greater. However, with that opportunity comes an even greater responsibility for the Republican super majority to make wise decisions in governing our state and nation. Out of 163 state representatives, 117 are Republican. There are 39 newly elected freshmen with 20 Republicans and 19 Democrats.

Our Speaker of the House, Todd Richardson, has outlined our caucus priorities focusing on building a Missouri that respects and protects individual freedom while cultivating a stronger, more vibrant, dynamic economy than exists today. We will work for a Missouri that has a strong education system for every Missourian no matter where they were born or where they live.

Speaker Richardson said his chamber’s top priorities will be issues that his party believes will improve Missouri’s economy. “That means a universe of labor reform, tort reform, and education reform,” said Richardson, “I think if we’ll focus on those issues as well as removing some of the government barriers to innovation and economic development, we’ll have the workings of a pretty good agenda to start with.”

Richardson said his legislative agenda will include passage of legislation that supporters call “right to work,” which aims to prevent employees from being required to join a union as a condition of employment. The Speaker noted that ethics reform will also be a priority early in the 2016 session, as legislators again attempt to pass a ban on gifts from lobbyists to lawmakers.

Online survey now available

To help me better represent our district, I am seeking input from the 125th District Constituents by providing an electronic survey that addresses a variety of issues. It takes only a few minutes and may be found at which is the Missouri House of Representatives website, District 125/Love webpage. I will have this posted to my personal webpage,, in order to reach as many constituents as possible.