State Rep. Warren Love is highlighting the state’s efforts to help the meat supply chain overcome the severe interruptions, and in some cases shutdowns, that happened because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Love joined Missouri Prime Beef Packers in announcing a beef processing facility that will open at the end of January 2021 in Pleasant Hope. He said the new facility will provide jobs that offer great pay and benefits, and continued encouragement to improve and learn new skills.

Love said the issues caused by the pandemic became of great concern to beef, pork, and poultry producers. In response, the Missouri Legislature appropriated $20 million to reimburse Missouri meat processors for expanding and or making improvements to their facilities.

The more than 100,000 square foot facility, which was previously operated as pork processor, is currently undergoing extensive upgrades and modifications to accommodate both fed and non-fed beef cattle. Love noted that Missouri ranks second or third in the nation in beef cow numbers, but the majority of the state’s calves and yearling cattle are shipped west to be finished as fed cattle.

Love said, “Because of this, most of the beef processors are located near the feed yards where the cattle are finished. Missouri Cattlemen can add value to their cattle by retaining ownership all the way from ranch to rail by feeding and finishing them here in Missouri. However to do this we need more beef processors in Missouri.”

Love said the announcement by Missouri Prime Beef Packers is good news for the state. He noted that the plant will have the capacity to process 500 head per day and will custom process cattle for a variety of niche programs that emphasize a connection between the consumer and the producer.

Love said the management team at Missouri Prime Beef Packers is now focusing its efforts on developing their team. The company’s director of human resources said, “Here we focus on doing the right thing: for the employee, the animal, the consumer. We are going to take care of our team members. The owners and management team have fully embraced the ‘show me’ culture, and they want to show current and potential team members that they will be taken care of.”

Anyone interested in supplying cattle, buying product, or anyone who is seeking employment, should visit or call 417-462-6727.