Have you heard? Native plants are an excellent way to help our beloved backyard birds without breaking the bank. In addition to MDC, organizations like Audubon and the Missouri Prairie Foundation provide information to point you in the right direction, including why native plants are best for birds and which may work best in your area.

Want berries for days?

Plant serviceberry – this small tree is a host plant for pollinators, like butterflies and moths, whose caterpillars are eaten by many birds. The serviceberry’s ripening berries in late spring and summer are downright irresistible for the American robin, eastern bluebird and cedar waxwing. Be quick if you want berries for yourself, as the birds gobble them up quickly.

Looking for more of a hummingbird vibe?

Avoid ants around your feeders and plant shade-friendly wild columbine that is sure to attract hummingbirds! The colorful, tubular flowers of this perennial and the long, pointed beak of a ruby-throated hummingbird are a match made in heaven you can enjoy spring after spring after spring.

Register here for these upcoming native plant programs:

Saturday – Birds and Blooms

Friday –  in-person Native Landscape Chat

Monday – Virtual Native Landscape Chat

Have acreage for fun or for cattle? We have trainings on how to plant large scale native plantings. There will be an in-person training in Harrisonville on April 22 and a virtual training on April 15. Both trainings are free, but do require registration.

Ready to get planting?

Pre-order plants from our Native Plant Sale and pick up on April 17. We are partnering with the Missouri Prairie Foundation (MPF) for this pre-sale only event. Visit https://moprairie.org for ordering information and deadline. No extra plants will be available for purchase the day of the sale.