The first legislation to go to the governor passed through the Legislature this week. The Missouri Senate approved House Bill 14 on Feb. 22. House Bill 14 is a supplemental budget for the current fiscal year, which began on July 1 of last year and will end this coming June 30.
The supplemental includes an 8.7% pay increase for state employees, with an extra increase for those employees who work for our correctional facilities and mental health institutions. Like so many businesses, the state is having a hard time finding qualified people to work at these essential places. I would also like to stress this raise does not include members of the General Assembly.
The supplemental budget also includes $20 million that would go to grants for safety improvements at our schools, which could help many of our rural school districts.
I am honored to serve as your Senator in the Missouri Senate. If, at any time, you have questions, concerns or ideas regarding state government, please feel free to contact me at (573) 751-8793 or
Vistors at the Capitol were: Funeral Director Day at the Capitol – Greenlawn Funeral Home: Greg Bird (Polk Co) & Brent Barnes (Greene Co); Green Ridge R-8 School District – Pettis Co. Angie Hagedorn, Rodney Edington, Rachel Hammers, Brett Hieronymus & Dr. Jamie Burkhart, Superintendent; Missouri Municipal League Legislative Day at the Capitol – Sedalia City Council: Steve Bloess, Bob Hiller, Rhiannon Foster & Tom Oldham; Missouri Municipal League Legislative Day at the Capitol: Mayor Dewey Rumfelt, City of Fair Play & Mayor Dustin Kessler, City of Morrisville; Missouri Retired Teachers Association Day at the Capitol: Don Kauble (Benton Co); County Clerks Day at Capitol: Rachel Lightfoot (Polk Co); Leadership Buffalo State Government Day at the Capitol: Penny Morgans, John Crawford, Travis Elliott, Tracy Strickland (Facilitator), Milo Kelly, Leah Stitt, Dakoda Johnson, Rep. Knight, Senator Crawford, Beth Meyers, Connor White, Lennon Ellis, Isabelle Monday, Holly Glor & Mindy Morris; Missouri Bankers Association Leadership Day at the Capitol: Jon Fish, BTC Bank (Pettis Co), Josh Sater, Equity Bank (Benton Co) & Michael Schnakenberg, Community National Bank & Trust (Benton Co); West Central Region Farm Bureau: Ed Holhubner (Pettis Co), Craig Guffin (Pettis Co), Sharon Arnold (Bates Co), Gary Noakes (St. Clair Co) & Theo Rieckhoff, MOFB Legislative Intern; Tim & Beth Francka, (Polk Co): Tim was confirmed by the Senate as a member of the Missouri State University Board of Governors; avis Elliott (Dallas Co) visited Senator Crawford at the Capitol and spoke to Leadership Buffalo and High School Civics Class (Vernon Co) visited Senator Crawford at the Capitol.
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