It was a great first full week of session here in Jefferson City.  We passed some new house rules (you can read more about them below), and received our committee assignments.

I am beyond excited that The Speaker had the confidence in me to make me the Vice Chair of Emerging Issues.  My other committees will be Agriculture Policy, Local Government, Conservation and Natural Resources, and a Subcommittee on appropriations – Agriculture, Conservation, Natural Resources, and Economic Development.

With bill and committee work beginning next week, I am looking forward to diving into the issues and go to work for the district.   

As always don’t hesitate to contact my office if you have any questions or concerns I thank you for your support and am honored to be your representative in Jefferson City.

House Speaker Dean Plocher Announces Committee Assignments for the 102nd General Assembly

One week after the legislative session began, Missouri House Speaker Dean Plocher announced the committee positions the members of the House will hold for the 102nd General Assembly.

Plocher said the chairs, vice chairs, and committee members he selected are positioned to best utilize their knowledge and expertise to positively impact the policymaking process.

“We’re fortunate to have members with decades of relevant experience and extensive knowledge in the policy areas we will work to address over the next two years. The chairs and vice chairs of our committees are well-versed on the topics their committees will consider, and will provide strong leadership and guidance for their members as they take on the issues that matter to Missouri families and businesses,” said Plocher.

He added, “I’m excited to see what our new members bring to the table as well. They come from all walks of life and all parts of the state, and will provide an extremely valuable perspective that will greatly benefit the work we do in committee and on the floor.”

A complete list of all committee assignments can be found online at the following link:

Missouri House Adopts Rules of Procedure for 102nd General Assembly

Following the vote to approve the rules under which the Missouri House will operate for the next two years, House Speaker Dean Plocher praised his colleagues for supporting a fair and transparent process that promotes smaller government with greater accountability. The House gave approval to House Resolution 11 by a vote of 105-51.

With each new General Assembly, members from both chambers create and discuss the procedural rules that will govern the legislative process in their respective bodies. In the House, members proposed a number of changes to the rules that were utilized by the 101st General Assembly. Some of the key changes include limiting the number of bills an individual member can file to 20; the creation of three Rules Committees to better vet legislation as it moves through the process; and improvements to the appropriations process.

“We had a working group of dedicated public servants who met throughout the interim to develop rules that will ensure we have a process that is fair and accountable. These are good government measures that will allow the House to more effectively carry out the will of the people,” said Plocher.

He added, “I want to thank my colleagues for supporting this measure and putting the House in position to move into high gear this legislative session. We can now focus our attention on measures that will improve our system of education, keep our streets safer, and help more Missourians achieve the American dream.”

The newly-adopted House Rules can be viewed online at the following link:


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