University of Missouri Extension is a critical labor market intermediary in leading local workforce solutions. MU Extension is at the center of workforce development and works with businesses and communities to identify key stakeholders, facilitate collaboration, and support data-driven decisions.  

Leading the efforts in southwest Missouri is Dr. Amy Patillo, a labor and workforce development specialist.

“Workforce analytics can help employers overcome challenges in a rapidly evolving labor market,” said Patillo. 

Retaining employees in a tight labor market and growing a larger and more talented workforce presents several challenges for employers.

For example, how do employers keep employees from job-hopping with constant access to online job postings? How do employers make their company standout out to recruit and retain the workers they have? How do employers develop a workforce pipeline for skilled talent?

University of Missouri’s workforce analytics uses existing data to deliver predictive workforce planning, solutions, and expertise to optimize recruitment, reduce turnover, and improve workforce performance.

“We work with companies of all sizes to utilize and expand useful information by focusing on data-centric questions, analyzing data, and applying statistics and mathematics to gain relevant results for innovative business solutions,” said Patillo.

An example of workforce analytics is in reducing employee turnover.

For example, if a company is experiencing high turnover, analytics can help determine who is leaving and why, plus inform the company’s strategies for retaining talent.

Perhaps it’s the employees newest to the workforce, who tend to job hop at higher rates than their more experienced peers. Or maybe the data shows that mid-career employees, who often feel stuck in their current roles, are leaving most.

“Calculating and comparing turnover rates for specific groups of employees can pinpoint exactly where the departures stem from. Once a company knows who is leaving, analytics can help pave the way to the solution,” said Patillo.

For more information, contact Amy Patillo at the Greene County Extension Office located inside the Springfield Botanical Center in Springfield or by telephone at 417-881-8909.