All councilmen were present at the Monday, Dec. 18, El Dorado Springs City Council meeting: Mayor Brad True, Randy Bland. Nick Bland, Jim Luster and Cory Gayman. Bruce Rogers and City Clerks Lisa Allison and Kandi Baldwin as well as Police Chief Jarrod Schiereck were also present.

Rogers mentioned that the meeting would be the last for Lisa Allison who is retiring.

Glenda Baker spoke during the public forum asking if the city had a master plan or a vision for the future. She said she would like to see the city hold a public workshop and invite the community to make suggestions about what they would like to see happen. Baker also asked if anything else had been done about getting the bulky trash pickup four times a year instead of the two that are currently in place. She said that some people leave their trash out for six months. Rogers said that nothing more had been done at this time.   Chief Schiereck said that Chance Cyr, animal control officer, has been really good about compliance. Cyr has been working dispatch and doing animal transfers, so it has put him behind on the trash, vehicles and nuisance junk.

R. Bland asked about the property on Lafayette and Kirkpatrick. Schiereck said he would check on it and let Bland know.

Luster asked Baker if she had reported her concerns to the police or the city manager. She said she had talked to Cyr. Luster said he wanted Baker to contact Rogers or Schiereck  right away if she has concerns. Baker also mentioned that in the 100 block of Fields, across the street from the Community Garden, there is always stuff out on the curb. She said if it was cost effective she would to see more bulky trash pickups. Kimball Long, El Dorado Springs Sun, asked Rogers if the city can just decide to have bulky trash pickups or does it have to go to a vote. Rogers said the city would to have a cost from the trash service and check with the city attorney about changing the level of service and changing the price would constitute a Hancock Amendment question requiring a vote.

Rogers said that the Park Board held a meeting to discuss the property at Nine Wonders that Tate Thoreson was inquiring about. He said that Thoreson was interested in 5 – 10 acres. The Park Board consensus was to not recommend the sale of the property because the board might need it for possible use by the city. The council accepted the Park Board’s recommendation not to sell the property.

The council voted on a resolution awarding a bid for a computer server for the Police Department to Midwest IT for $9,229.59. Rogers said they might need to get an external hard drive to store data offsite.

The council voted for resolution approving the assignment, assumption and extension agreement with Sac-Osage Electric Cooperative and K-Power,LLC regarding fiber optics network on city utility poles. Rogers said that Sac-Osage had approached the city to use some of the poles to establish a fiber network. The resolution would extend the agreement for 10 years.

During his city manager’s report, Rogers said Officer Schlup has resigned effective 12-26-18. Rogers told the city council that the Police Department worked with the D.O.D. and received eight new tasers for the cost of shipping only. The city will have to purchase new batteries, After one year, the tasers will become the property of the city.

Rogers said the Missouri Public Utility Alliance conducted a survey of the city’s electric system and the capacitor banks. To maximize efficiency the power factor needs to be 97% or above. The city is never more than 97%. The best was 96% and the lowest 92.8%. Rogers said that the capacitor banks will help improve the system efficiency. The council voted to proceed with a new system for $18,070. A grant is available that reimburses the cost to the city.

Rogers said that he will have the sidewalk contracts at the next meeting.

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