The Monday, June 20, meeting of the Cedar County Ambulance District board was short, sweet and to the point.

With only five members on the board currently, more than a quorum was present with four members at the table – Kenny Turner, Katie White, Sue Rice and John Wilson – presiding. Lisa Ringler was absent. A quorum, Sue Rice said, is a majority of the members of the board so a majority of five is three.

The board is still advertising for a member from District 2 – from the north county line to Hwy. U and from Main Street in El Dorado Springs east to about a mile west of Cedar Springs.

The financial report by Bookkeeper Tami Ringler showed total assets at $592,493. Treasurer Rice said that is up $194,000 from a year ago.

In his manager’ report, Tom Ryan, said that work of placing wiring has begun on the county’s tower in preparation for placing the radio repeater there.

He said they are looking for the waterline that goes into the El Dorado barn so they can install a water softener.