by Gary Vickers

Local Vietnam veteran, Gary Vickers, and his son, Gerrad Vickers, donated and installed a battle flag in the Mt. Vernon Veterans Home Monday. The flag was designed and built by Gerrad Vickers. Gary made the captions that went with the flag which were “Battles not Forgotten—Remember the Fallen—WWII, Korea—Vietnam.

Gerrad’s heartfelt compassion for veterans and for the American Flag have led him to build these flags.

The flag has gotten a lot of attention and if one family of a vet is moved by it, it’s all worth it. Thanks for what our vets have done for us. On the entry at Mt. Vernon Vet Home it says, “The cost of freedom lives here.” What a statement!

Take a little time and go to Mt Vernon, or any veterans home and spend time visiting or listening to vet stories. You will come home a better person.