CONCERNED CITIZENS IN ACTION – Between 40 and 45 people gathered on the east lawn of the Cedar County Memorial Hospital on Feb. 15 to join in prayer. The group was calm, serious and dedicated to the task at hand. Several people prayed. Cheryl Thornton from Stockton  read, “Father, we come to you in the name of Jesus, in Psalms 119, the Psalmist prayed and reminded You of your word, “Remember Your sword to Your servant, in which You have made me hope.” We thank you that you give hope in all situations. We declare your word which brings hope that Cedar County will not be without a health gate. Lord, we give thanks for the doctors who had the vision to establish CCMH, the foundation they laid and all that continued to put stone upon stone. We give you praise for the doctors, nurses and staff that have served the community faithfully. I personally thank you that this hospital was there for my family through the broken bones and baby births. We pray for the finances  and provisions that are needed to keep the  hospital operating efficiently and for wise stewardship over the provisions. We thank you for dedicated staff that have served out of a heart of giving and ask that they be blessed.

Father, we pray for CCMH. That you have plans for this hospital not of harm, but plans for a hope and future. That this hospital will be a blessing to this community and CCMH will be a blessing to the whole country. We do seek you, call upon you with our whole heart and trust that  you hear us, in Jesus name, So be it.

CCMH Board of Trustees member Michelle LeRoux was also present though not in the circle of prayers.  She said, “Prayer provided by community members is always welcomed for CCMH, it patients, staff, board , and continuous growth and strength, I also encourage  our community members to pray for the protection of the hospital from outside evils.”

The prayer vigil was concluded by singing ‘Amazing Grace.”