During its June 19 meeting in the Stockton Ambulance Barn, the Cedar County Ambulance District board announced that it had purchased a one-acre lot on South Hwy. 39 next to the Korth Center in Stockton for $27,500 and will build a new ambulance barn there for an estimated $861,000.

CPA Kaleena Bruce, the district’s bookkeeper, said the district will take $200,000 of the construction cost out of its savings (which total $782,558) and borrow up to $661,000 from Municipal Development Funding for 3.76 percent for 20 days if the board inks the deal within 60 days.

At no cost, Ken Matta of Morton Buildings will draw plans for the new facility and create building specs from which bids will be solicited. The preliminary plans Matta had at the meeting call for a 6,300 sq. ft. station with an ambulance garage and living quarters for the crew.

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