The regular Nov. 19 meeting of the Cedar County Ambulance District convened at 6:32 p.m. in the Stockton Ambulance facility with Chairman Rusty Norval at the helm.

Board members present were Keith Kasco – secretary/treasurer, Diana Johnson and Nadine Sinclair – vice chairman. Board Member Evelyn Boyle was absent.

Bookkeeper CPA Kalena Bruce had nothing to report at this time except a check was signed to pay $87,500, the sale price of the old building, toward the loan on the new building.

In his manager’s report, Tom Ryan said that all ambulances are operational. He said the Pulse Ox units need to be replaced. He will research and bring options to the next meeting.

The board received a letter from Citizens Memorial Hospital about the contracted 3% increase for providing ambulance service. This brings the district’s total bill to CMH for $276,721 for 2019.

Building Update

The district manager reported that the doors in the triage are not mounted correctly. Chairman Norval said he would look into the matter.

New Business

The board voted to approve up to $450 to purchase a new replacement for the old office computer and extended warranty.

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