During the Public Forum at the June 5 City Council meeting, Glenda Baker stated she was still concerned about the construction debris on the roof of the house at the corner of Spring and Jackson. She said she had commented on it before at previous council meetings.

“It looks bad,” she said. She mentioned that the city has ordinances against nuisances. She also mentioned that the problem has existed for four years and it doesn’t speak very highly of the city.

Councilman Randy Bland said, “We probably need to do something about it.”

Councilman Jim Luster asked, “Why does it take so long on something that is so obvious? Why can’t we get it done. It seems like we procrastinate until it become an issue.”

City Manager Bruce Rogers said that the owner had done quite a bit of work on the inside and that someone had expressed an interest in purchasing the property but couldn’t come to an agreement on price.

Publishers note: Tuesday, June 6, Rogers spoke to the owner, Mr. Harry Rowe of Stockton. Rowe said he was 82 years old and the person helping him had died. He said he had hired some kids but they only worked sporadically. He said he would get on a ladder and do it himself.

Rogers reported that as of Friday, June 9, the debris had been removed.

Baker also mentioned that there was “a lot of bulky trash on the street after the bulky trash pick-up.” Rogers said that Compliance Office Jennipher Buller was contacting citizens when she becomes aware of remaining items on the street.

All Councilmen were present for the meeting: Luster, R. Bland, Nick Bland, Jerry Baldwin and Mayor Brad True. Rogers and City Clerk Lisa Allison were also present,

The council approved a resolution to pay Keith Anderson  $10,000 for a 90 minutes performance on Saturday, July 22. This will be the Main Stage entertainment on Saturday.

The council voted to approve a resolution for membership to the Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission. True will be the city’s representative.

The council also approved the engagement of Robins’s Hood, County Liners, the Circle S. Boys and Paula Newman for the Picnic.

On the first and second reading the council approved an ordinance to establish a procedure to disclose potential conflicts of interest and substantial interests for certain officials. Rogers said the ordinance is required by state law to be passed every two years.

Rogers said that the sidewalk engineer will be in El Dorado Springs later in the week and different personnel from the same firm will also be in El Dorado Springs to go over the planning work and look at the site for the new well.

Rogers said that the bid specs for painting the water tower have been reviewed.

Rogers said the transformer has been purchased and some bids are out for the equipment that has a longer lead time.

Rogers said $3,948.24 was received as donations over the Memorial Day weekend at the City Cemetery. Rogers said the new gazebo was construed for their use. The Progress Club donated $400 to help with the gazebo and two screens that roll up to help shelter volunteers from the sun and/or rain. Baldwin said the cemetery looked really good over the weekend.

During the Mayor/ Council report Luster asked Rogers how he handles complaints. He said, “It seems like some of them are taking way to long.” Rogers said that the complaints go through channels, some to Aaron Smith and some to Buller.”

Luster said, “There should be some affective way to follow-up.”

Rogers said there were budgetary restraints and the city handles complaints as the budget allows. He mentioned that the city had gotten Buller extra help. Rogers said that things were complicated by state laws, court cases, absentee landowners and limited resources.

Luster said he didn’t have any complaint with what Buller does, but “it seems like we drop the ball and can’t get through the last quarter.” Luster asked Rogers for his take on it.

Rogers said that better court decisions and state laws would help; however, the city has no control over those. ”It all depends on what your expectations are,” Rogers said, R. Bland asked the cost of the gazebo at the cemetery,

Rogers said he would look it up.

Looking for concrete evidence

SIDEWALK SEMINAR – El Dorado Springs Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jackson Tough (far left) and El Dorado Springs City Manager Bruce Rogers (far right) spent Thursday afternoon, June 8, discussing the new sidewalk location on South Park Street north of 54 with Andrew Eckhart and Jeff Ceperly of Anderson Engineering.

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