During the El Dorado Springs City Council meeting on Monday, June 6, several citizens took advantage of the public forum to vent their frustration over several issues.

Virginia Davis voiced her concern about speeders in her neighborhood. She said they speed by her house on South Main and don’t stop at the sign at Main and Carman. “Just blow through it.”

Davis said she has yelled at them as they go by, talked to parents of the kids who are speeding and has recently talked to Police Officer Brian Moeller. It was also mentioned that some people drag race about 10 p.m. from Hospital Road to Carman. When someone suggested a speed bump, Davis said, “I want 15 speed bumps.”

Over a period of four years, Davis said she has talked to Chief Schiereck and other officers about the problem as new kids with vehicles have moved into the area.

Councilman Jim Luster, a former El Dorado Springs Police Chief, said to City Manager Bruce Rogers, “Would you please direct the Police Chief to solve this problem, now. I don’t like folks coming down here with theses issues. It can be taken care of from the Police Chief’s office or this office.”

Rogers suggested posting 25 mile per hour speed limits signs. Davis said, “I’m sure we need more officers for this city. I’m very disappointed in the way the city has become in the 15 years I’ve lived here.”

Later in the meeting Luster again voiced his disappointment that Davis had to come to the council meeting. He said that Chief Schiereck needs to assign people to take care of the work that needs to be done. He said he would like to see on the monthly report where and when they do radar. Luster said he understands that the police department is undermanned, and knows it costs money, but would like to see two officers on very shift.

Davis was to call Rogers on Tuesday.

All councilmen were present: Mayor Brad True, Luster, Nick Bland, Randy Bland and Jerry Baldwin. City Clerk Lisa Allison was present along with Rogers.

The council did not take any action on a request by Madlynne Carothers to return a deposit she had made for electricity on a mobile home. Earlier in the year Carothers transferred from a mobile home park to a place on N. High, but exceeded the two weeks she was allowed to move from one home to another and was required to make an additional deposit. Carothers now has two trailers on the N. High property and requested that the deposit on the mobile home she originally had at the mobile home park be refunded. The city has given her a credit on her bill.  The city requires that each active account have a separate deposit.

Chad Friar, who lives on West Spring, commented that he spoke for several citizens of El Dorado Springs about the growing amount of junk in yards and repeat offenders not keeping yards mowed. Friar said he didn’t understand how it can take 20 days to get a yard mowed. Rogers explained the City ordinance mimics state law requirements and once the grass reaches seven inches, the property has to be posted for 10 days, the police chief is required to hold a public hearing with an additional five day wait time to give the property owner an opportunity to mow, then a search warrant is required before anyone can go on the property which involves the court clerk, judge and city attorney to prepare and approve. All these requirements must be met before the city can get the property mowed.

The council approved the engagement of Shotgun and Lace to perform on Saturday evening, July 23, at a cost of $1,500.

The council also approved an ordinance establishing and adopting charges and fees for electric services and usages for customers of the electrical distribution department of the city.

Rogers said there would be a $2 increase in the minimum charge for electric service.

Rogers said that the water tower by the hospital has been repaired and is back in service. Next year’s budget will include a request to paint the tower.

Rogers said that crews are working on water line replacement from Main and Hwy. 54 to Subway and north on Main to the old shoe factory.

Rogers said that $3,829.63 was collected over the Memorial Day weekend by the Cemetery Board. Rogers gave a special thanks to the Cemetery Board for giving their time over the holiday weekend.

Rogers said that a request had been received for the upcoming Discover More on 54 Garage Sale event that covers 54 Hwy. from Camdenton to Nevada. The request is for the city to support the three day event by waiving the fees.

Rogers told the council that airport will need to be re-surfaced in the near future. The last time was in 1999.

Kimball Long asked if the main gate to the Cemetery could be locked during the 10 – 15 minutes of the Memorial Day service as some people drive through the event. There are two other entrances to use.

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