During the City Manager Bruce Rogers’ report at the Oct. 21, 2019 City Council meeting, he said the new owners of Pride Amusements, James and Sondra Burlingame, wanted to change a few items on the contract before signing for the 2020 Picnic. The Burlingame’s wanted the City to provide the electricity for the rides and would like the city to secure parking lot agreements with businesses for the rides instead of going to the individual businesses and securing the space themselves. The Burlingames would also like the city to take care of all advertising and were upset that a church had passed out free water during the Picnic.

Rogers said he had made some phone calls to research other carnivals that come into the area. He found a carnival that was going to be set up in the St. Louis area. Rogers and several members of the Picnic Committee went to see the set up and talk to the owners. Rogers said they liked the set up and the owners would be able to bring 18 rides to the Picnic.  Rogers presented the owner with a contract and the owner said he would get back with Rogers. Rogers stated he will bring the contract to the council once the Picnic Committee looks over it to see if they would like to proceed.

All councilmen were present for the meeting: Mayor Pro-Tem Cory Gayman, Jim Luster, Nick Bland and Nathan Murrell. Also present were Rogers and City Clerk Kandi Baldwin.

Rogers said the new taxi had been delivered and would be in service after the graphics have been applied and the vehicle inspected.

Rogers said he will touch base with the Department of Conservation about testing the pond at Nine Wonders. Gayman inquired about signage and Rogers said he would look into signs which shouldn’t cost more than a couple of hundred dollars.

Cory Gayman said he had made copies of all the applications received to fill the vacant council seat so that council members could contact the applicants.

Bland thinks the applications should be open for another week as did Murrell.

The council unanimously approved a resolution to extend a lease to Compass Health for a year.

  During the public forum, Glenda Baker requested that information about bulky trash pick-up and council meetings be sent to consumers via Text Castor. Rogers said that the bulky trash information is on the utility bill.

  Allen Hicks asked if the council had made any decision about mown grass in the roadways. Luster asked Rogers to research and find out how many motorcycle accidents have happened in the city within the last two years that involved grass in the street. Hicks said he thinks the city needs to be preventive and it is about safety. Gayman asked Rogers to check with other municipalities to see if there are ordinances prohibiting grass in the roadway. Hicks also mention people speeding on Fields and recommended four way stops at two different locations on Fields Street; one at Jackson and Fields and the other at High and Fields. Rogers said he would send the request to the Street Superintendent.

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