Humans teach their children how to hunt, fish and even how to find the best berries to eat, but for most of us we can survive without knowing these skills. For wildlife these are life skills that the young must master before leaving their parents.

Over the next few weeks many KC area mammal and bird babies will be learning these survival skills from their parents. Beavers, deer and ground hogs are learning the best plants to eat while coyotes and red foxes are learning to hunt rabbits, mice and rats. You are most likely to see these animals out with their parents in the evenings or mornings.

Looking for wildlife you might see mid-day? Look to the skies. Bald eagle chicks are starting to learn to fly while parents are still bringing them tasty treats of fish, ducks and muskrats. There are several nests along the Missouri River in KC. If you want a guaranteed look at a predator, check out a peregrine falcon nest camera. Peregrine falcon chicks will soon be swooping through the skies to catch pigeons and ducks, but right now their parents are still feeding them. View them live with nest cameras at Harrah’s Casino and American Century Investments.

Here at the Discovery Center rabbits, grackles and turtle babies are busy learning to survive and are fairly easy to spot. Register for one of our two Nature Art Hikes this Saturday and you might see some animal babies while you get creative.