SPECIAL DAY FOR A SPECIAL LADY – Margaret Marie (Gibbs) Smith was born on Jan. 3, 1919, in El Dorado Springs, growing up the oldest and the only sister to three brothers. Margaret said that her family was very poor. While living in El Dorado Springs her father hauled various goods that were imported by train to wherever the addressee wanted while her mother took in laundry to make extra money.

Margaret attended school through the 9th grade and then decided that she didn’t need to go school any longer, instead opting to work at the Miller Home, a boarding house just south of the Park. When The Miller Home served noon meals Margaret was helping in the kitchen.

“In our free time we would go to the Park and listen to the bands play,” she said.

In their youth, Margaret and her future husband Carl Smith became acquainted. When Carl and his family moved to the country, they didn’t meet again until they were teenagers. At that time Carl had taken a job with the Civilian Conservation Corps.

“When he came home for a visit, we met at church. I kept looking back at him. He had the prettiest auburn curls,” she said.

The couple married on Dec. 11, 1936 when Margaret was 17, though she lied about her age saying she was 18. Carl on the other hand had to have his mother sign for him because nobody believed he was of age.

During the course of their marriage the couple had three children: Valarie Jean Beaty, Sandra Carl O’Neal and Sonny Smith.

After over 7 decades of marriage her husband Carl passed away on Dec 7, 2009, and was buried on Dec 11 – their 71st wedding anniversary.

Due to COVID restrictions the celebration at Community Springs was restricted to staff, residents and her son, Sonny.

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