by Supt. Mark Koca

On Tuesday, July 17, Supt. Mark Koca gave the Sun a preview of the construction update he would present to the board at the meeting on July 17.

“Branco is shooting for a substantial completion date of Oct. 1.”

He said that means the school will likely take occupancy 30 days later.

He said you always have to play the game with punch lists and that sort of thing.

“Moneywise, this last bill was $720,000 which is to be expected with all the trades working – painters, brick layers, metal people, roofing – everybody is here all a once.”

“The last I checked, we have spent $3,752,000 on construction so far. We have about $195,000 in retainage that we haven’t paid yet. We have about $1.527 million left.”

“We knew we’d have a little out of pocket because of the High School gym air conditioning. We are going to fall well within out budget that we have planned on.”

Is it still quiet in the gym?

“Yes, it’s great in there. Probably quieter than it’s ever been.”

How’s the elevator coming along?

“It’s been delivered but they haven’t started putting it together yet. They were supposed to have but they haven’t. It is on site stacked up in a hallway downstairs.”

“We started some painting. That’s always a good sign.”

“The good news is the roof is almost finished. Once we get the gym in the dry, after certain number of days of drying they will lay the maple flooring. I’d say in a week or so we should have the thing about enclosed.”

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