The council chamber was full of interested members of the public, at the Monday, July 18, El Dorado Springs City Council meeting, most of whom were there to support Chad Friar who was making his second appearance at council to complain about the speeders on West Broadway and the tall grass that is in his neighborhood.

Friar said he and other concerned  citizens shouldn’t have to repeatedly address the council about problems especially since the last time he was at a council meeting he was told that the problems would be taken care of.

Council members Mayor Brad True, Jim Luster, Randy Bland and Jerry Baldwin were present as was City Manager Bruce Rogers and City Clerk Lisa Allison. Councilman Nick Bland was absent.

Friar, who lives at 218 West Spring said that overgrown yards in his neighborhood had only been mowed two times, the pool hadn’t been washed and the water tower on the other side of town had been running water into the ditch for weeks. He also said that four city trucks had not been badged. (an identifying decal put on the truck.)

He said, “We need to be proactive,” referring to the waterline replacement that has been going on for some time.

Bland said that they got behind on the water lines because of the sewer plant, “We had no choice,” he said. Friar said, “I think it is a case of someone not doing their job.”

Rogers asked Friar if he had spoken to him about the badge situation. Friar responded that he shouldn’t have to. Rogers said that the water Friar saw from the water tower was part of regular maintenance.

Jason Hardman, who lives at 219 West Spring, said there was property across from him that hadn’t been mowed in three months.

Friar said the speeding continues on West Spring.

He also said he wanted to compliment the ladies in the city office and the electrical guys.

The council awarded professional sound and lighting service for the 2016 Picnic to Rick Braggs for $4,300.

Rogers said that two derelict properties had been taken down by the owners, one the city had to do and  the city is waiting on dumpsters to take down the fourth.

The council awarded banking services to Simmons Bank.

Rogers thanked the Chamber of Commerce for taking on the project of refurbishing the neon sign at the corner of 54 and Main.

Luster said he had made the suggestion at the September meeting that the city look into hiring part time help for the compliance office for the summer months.

“I started in plenty of time.” He asked for an explanation as to why the city hadn’t hired someone. Rogers said they had talked to a gentleman with a law enforcement background who was supposed to move to El Dorado Springs, but didn’t.

“I boils down to we haven’t gotten the job done and we keep getting complaints. If you have two people working, we can get twice as much done. I’m tired of the excuses.” Luster said. “I’m not happy that it got postponed. I don’t appreciate it. I sympathize with all the folks who are complaining.”

Elizabeth Van Winkle, executive director of the Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commission invited the council to a coffee in City Hall at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 31.

Rogers said the electric fund was $40,000 to the good.