Cedar County Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees President Michelle LeRoux was at the El Dorado Springs City Council meeting on Monday, Dec 7, to request that the council pass an ordinance as a way to encourage citizens in this area to wear masks when out in public and in public places.

She mentioned that the hospital had approved the wearing of masks for everyone at the hospital.  She called on the council for a resolution to encourage the wearing of masks and thought it was important that community leaders  acted on the seriousness of Covid-19. She said it would send a message that we are all in this together.

Several citizens at the meeting spoke against it saying that that there were stories that stated that mask wearing wasn’t that helpful.

Kim Neal said it was just common sense “I believe it is personal.”

Virgina Davis said that in the last two weeks Cedar County has gone from a 17% positivity rate to a 4.2. “I think our county is doing something correctly. We shouldn’t be mandated to wear a mask.

LeRoux pointed out that she never mentioned a mandate.

City Manager Bruce Rogers said our county has the lowest positivity rate.

LeRoux said we haven’t seen the number for Thanksgiving.

Daneil Wasoba and Alan Hicks mentioned that a  mask ordinance would hurt business.

Jean Bishop said, “We’ve been through this for months. Let it be our right.” She said she went to a casino in Kansas City and was told twice to put on a mask. She said she will not go back. She said she went to Downstream where this is no mask requirement.

Travis Stoll said, “The more restrictive things are the more likely we won’t do it. We need to be more careful. We know we need to be more careful. We just need common sense.”

Mayor Nathan Murrell said the information from the public forum was not on the agenda and asked what the council wanted to do. Councilman Jim Luster said, “Whatever the council wants to do.”

Present at the meeting were Councilmen Cory Gayman, Brett Etrikin. Jim Luster and Mayor Nathan Murrell, along with City Clerk Kandi Baldwin and City Manager Bruce Rogers. Michelle LeRoux and several citizens. Councilman Nick Bland was absent.

The council passed an ordinance rezoning property belonging to Wayne Yakel.  They also passed an ordinance adding Section 8-69 of the code of ordinances of the City of El Dorado Springs involving court costs.

During his City Manager report Rogers said he was working on the second phase of Covid-19 Funds.

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