At the Monday, April 3, El Dorado Springs City Council meeting City Manager Bruce Rogers said that MC Power Company plans to purchase 20 acres at $5,000 per acre from the city to build a solar panel farm to sell power to MOPEP. El Dorado Springs and 34 other cities are part of a buying pool that purchases power from MOPEP and MC Power is establishing solar panel farms in several of those cities. The pool will have the option of buying the farm in seven years. The city’s costs are between $15,000 and $20,000. The property has already been surveyed, but there needs to be geo technical testing and the hook up to the city’s system when complete.

Rogers said he hoped the project will move forward in the next month or so. He also said that the solar farm could help with economic development showing other companies El Dorado Springs interest in renewable energy.

The property for the farm is located at the east end of Patricia Street.

Rogers said the electric department is working on tearing down the old substation behind the police department and will separate and haul the scrap metal to Appleton City for recycling. Crew and equipment time will be tracked and deducted from the amount the city receives for the scrap metal. The insurance company will reimburse the city for any additional amount above the scrap value. Rogers said he had met with the electrical engineers and received a cost estimate of around $900,000 for the project.

Councilmen present for the meeting were Mayor Bard True, Jim Luster, Randy Bland and Jerry Baldwin. Councilman Nick Bland was absent. City Clerk Lisa Allison, Director of Economic Development Marge Vance and Randy Ridgway were also present.

The council passed a resolution approving the “Land and Lot Delinquent List” for years 2000 – 2016. Rogers said this annual delinquent tax listing includes write-offs of 2011 Personal Property taxes in the amount of $1,710.97.

The council also passed a resolution awarding a bid for two mid-mount zero turn mowers to Legacy Farm and Lawn for $13,7000 for two 2017 John Deere 915E 60” deck mowers. The mowers are replacement mowers for the cemetery.

The council passed a resolution awarding a bid for a rural fire department water tank for $7,480 from Montgomery Metal Craft. The tank is for the 2009 Freightliner truck that the city received from the Department of Conservation at no cost to the city.

Rogers gave an update on the water systems upgrades. The city has separated from Olsson Associates and is proceeding with Anderson Engineering for the water well project. Rogers said it looks like the best direction is to dig a new well in a new location, probably by the ball field on the west side of town. The estimated cost is $400,000.

During the city manager’s report, Rogers said the sidewalk project continues with surveying being done. He said that some properties beyond the project area have been or will be flagged even though no work will be done a that location.

Rogers told the council that the city is looking at building an air curtain destructor as well as digging a pit in order to comply with DNR’s requirement to have an annual burn permit. A purchased air curtain destructor is $40,000. The city can build one for $8,000.

Rogers mentioned that the 3rd Spring City Clean-up day will be April 22. Citizens who want to volunteer should call the Chamber of Commerce at 876-4154.

Roger said Compliance Officer Jennipher Buller gave 127 notices on disabled vehicles and junk from Sept. of 2016 to the end of March 2017, Rogers sad she does a very good job and tries to keep up with the ongoing issue of these types of nuisances.

Luster asked if any progress had been made on the possibility of the city begin able to accept debit and credit cards. Rogers and Allison said they had done quite a bit of research, but no decision had been made at this time.