The El Dorado Springs City Council voted on an ordinance imposing a city sales tax for local Parks in El Dorado Springs, MO, and providing for such an ordinance to be submitted to the qualified voters of the city.

All council members were present: Glenda Baker, Jim Luster, Gabby Kinnett, Nathan Murrell and Mayor Cory Gayman. City Manager Bruce Rogers was present; City Clerk Kandi Baldwin was absent.

Rogers said that the Ordinance is to extend a sales tax that is already in place. It is a 1⁄4 cent sales tax and the city is asking voters to extend the tax in order to build a new pool and Splash Park.

During the public forum, Kimball Long with the El Dorado Springs Sun asked the council if they had any information about the resolution of the city’s case against the person who tampered with one of the city’s benches. Long said she couldn’t get any information from the courthouse because that information had a higher security, meaning that the disposition of the case is higher than the public can see. She said that she had heard that the person would only have to pay restitution. None of the councilmembers volunteered any information. Long asked Rogers what the restitution would be. He said it was between $537 and $538. He also said that the County Clerk might send information to the Municipal Court.

The council also rescinded a resolution made during the Covid 19 pandemic that temporarily suspended an ordinance about peddlers and canvassers. The ordinance is restored and canvassers and peddlers have to get a permit and a picture ID.

Rogers said there were 25 basketball teams at the recent tournament. He said revenue was around $9,000 and expected expenses to be around $4,200.

Rogers also said that the city would meet with contractors about repairs on the Lions Club fountain in the Park.

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