The El Dorado Springs R-II School board convened in open session Thursday, Oct. 8, in the High School Library with all members present: Chad Whitesell, Benny Brower, Mark Burley, Craig Carpenter, Nathan Murry, RJ Kinnett and Josh Floyd presiding. Also present were the superintendent, Heath Oates, and board secretary, Tonia Molz.

In the consent agenda, the board approved the payment of bills totaling $256, 666.14.

The first item under old business was COVID 19 status update.  Supt. Oates said that if infection gets to 10% in a building, all students will be required to wear a mask. We are now at 5%. At 20%, the building will go to yellow status. We got to 9.9% in the High School. Middle School was 8.28. Elementary School was 5.8%.

“When you get to 20%, it doesn’t make sense when it comes to managing the virus, and when it comes to the finances on having school. That drops our ADA significantly. It costs us significantly to have school. The ADA payment wouldn’t be as much as educating those kids on line. If they are home and learning, it doesn’t drop our ADA.”

A school board member asked if a building will go into Yellow mode if it reaches 20% infection rate. The superintendent said it does. He said, “The quarantine and green, yellow, red are entirely different things.”

Mr. Oates said, “The CDC guidelines say if you are within six feet of a person with a positive COVID diagnosis for 48 hours, then you are considered a close contact, then you have to be quarantined for 14 days from your last contact.”

Mr. Oates said, “When it comes to who get quarantined and who doesn’t, we don’t get a say.”

There was a lot more extremely complicated discussion of the COVID rules.

In other action, the Technology Purchase committee is putting a rotation in place for purchases.

The Facility Maintenance and Capital Improvement Committee postponed their meeting.

Supt. Oates gave the October budget update, cash flow report, revenue projection and revenue projection and distribution, expenditure projection and breakdown.

Supt. Oates reported school property and liability insurance is expected to increase in the range of 50%. The board approved for him to shop for cheaper insurance rates.

The staff will do an assessment update and evaluate testing in September with a MAP test in the spring.

New board members will take board training at the MARE conference.

The board adjourned into executive session. There was no announcement from that session.