Public announcement from Sheriff James McCrary:
The Sheriff’s Office recently sent two inmates to the Missouri Dept. of Corrections (DOC) that tested positive for Covid 19 after arriving at DOC. I was notified of this on August 25th. Immediately after being notified I began the process of having our inmates and staff tested.
The test results came back late yesterday. There are currently five inmates (out of 57) at the Cedar County jail that have tested positive for Covid 19. Also myself and one other staff member have tested positive. The inmates have been quarantined as well as myself and the other staff member and the people we have been in close contact with. I have been in contact with Cedar County Health Dept. Director Jeneane Ehlers and have been working closely with her regarding this matter.
Myself and the other staff member were apparently infected on a recent work related trip to another county.
It should also be noted that none of the inmates are sick and none of them have shown any symptoms.
I will keep you all updated of any changes or new information.
Thank you
Sheriff James McCrary