HEIDI AND TONY HOU TO RETIRE – After 29 years as proprietors of their restaurant, the El Dorado Café, on Hwy. 54 in El Dorado Springs, the couple is ready to retire and travel, especially to see their two sons, James and Justin, and  their five grandchildren – one in Colorado and four in Texas.

  Their journey to El Dorado Springs began in 1985 when they immigrated to Los Angeles from Taiwan. In 1990 they moved to El Dorado Springs.  Heidi’s sister, Kuan Kuan Butterfield, lived in Nevada as did their parents and brother, Shih Kuan Yuan.

  Heidi’s father joined the Chinese Air Force in 1937 as a 16 year-old and remained in the military until 1972. The whole family came to the United States because they feared that Communist China would take over Taiwan. Heidi’s parents are buried in the Moore Cemetery in Nevada.

  Heidi and Tony became citizens of the United States in 2006.

  Heidi says she appreciated being in one spot for 29 years. Her military family  moved around a lot and she was always changing schools and friends.

  Heidi says, “We worked hard, but enjoyed it. I will miss the people  – they were so supportive of us” and she loved her customers. But above all, she believes that God made it happen – their moved from Taiwan to Los Angeles and then to El Dorado Springs.

  Tone and Heidi will stay in El Dorado Springs but enjoy their time with their grandchildren.

  They are very proud to says that their grandchildren are the 4th generation to live in the United States.