By Jarrod D. Schiereck

Chief of Police

The City Wide Garage Sale is set for May 3 through May 4. There will be a higher volume of motor vehicle traffic on the side streets. I would like to remind everyone to be mindful of where they park their vehicles as not to obstruct the streets or nearby private drives of other residences. Please be cautious of pedestrians crossing the streets and returning to their vehicles.

Posting garage sale signs in the center dividers at the intersections of US 54 and Missouri 82 Highways (South Main Street) and US 54 at Missouri 32 Highways are prohibited by City Ordinance. Garage sale signs can not be fastened or attached to street signs, utility poles or other structures that serve as safety devices for the motoring public. Signs posted or attached to these areas and safety devices result in distractions for drivers and otherwise place the motoring public in danger of accidents. Anyone posting a sign in or on these areas is subject to receiving a citation for Littering as per City Ordinance. Please retrieve your legally posted signs upon completion of your garage sale.

Please have a safe and enjoyable City Wide Garage Sale experience.