Unlike the full house at the Aug. 15 El Dorado Springs School Board meeting, no parents attended the Thursday, Aug. 22, special meeting which had “any further re-consideration of the Dual Sport issue” on the agenda in addition to the tax levy hearing.

Supt. Mark Koca told the board, “I did a bunch of research to be sure we didn’t run afoul of any technicalities. You do have the  option of reconsidering the last vote, but it has to be offered by an individual who voted on the winning side of that last vote. You do have the  option to rescind the vote from Aug. 8 and go from there.” He said that in order to the board to discuss the issue, those things had to happen first.

The superintendent and the board agreed that the issue needs further clarification.

“What you can do is tell us to develop policy on that and bring it back to you for approval at a later date.” He was referring to cheerleading and other non-sporting activities.

Terri Shepard made a motion of rescind the original Aug. 8 motion.

Supt. Koca said, “You want to rescind it which means that you want to  go back to dual sports. I just want to be sure we’re clear here. If you rescind the Aug. 8 vote you are saying you want to go back to dual sports.”

She;ard said, “No. I don’t want to do that.”

Koca said, “I was concerned that you were confused.”

Shepard said, “I was confused. I don’t want to do that.”

Koca said, “If there is no offering of a motion to rescind, then that motion stands.”

The superintendent and the board agreed for the administration to develop policy and bring it back to the board. “I don’t think there is going to be a  problem. We have a meeting in three weeks. If I understand the intent, I will communicate it to those folks. The intent was for it to apply to athletics only and not co-curricular activities.”

He said it would include cheerleading which is governed and ruled by MSHAA ‘however it is non-competitive . We’ve had one or to over the years who have cheered and played a sport. It’s not ideal, but it has worked.”

“While we’re  on that subject, don’t forget our dance team. It is MSHAA regulated but it is non-competitive.”

Koca said, “I think you’ve given us enough direction to bring something back to you at the September board meeting.”