The 136th annual El Dorado Springs Picnic will take place on July 20-22. Official set up will begin at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, July 19. Trailers should plan on arriving early, preferably 30-60 minutes. Check in with a committee person immediately upon arriving. Tents or booths need not arrive as early because trailers will be set first. Set up is planned and directed based on trailer hitch orientation. After the trailers have set up, tents and other booths will begin their set up.

If you have any questions concerning set up or if you need an application, please contact Judi at 417-876-2691 or City Hall, 876-2521.

2017 Picnic Committee members are: Mike Bush- chairman, Debbie Floyd, Tania Molz, Joyce Cain, Stacy Fast, Kandi Baldwin, Tammy Melton and Lisa Brown, Brad True- city council representative, Judi Baldwin-secretary and Bruce Rogers-ex officio.

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