Richard E. Sailers, 53, of El Dorado Springs, is charged with shooting Steven Whitesell in his back yard on Thursday, Sept. 29. He is being held in the Cedar County Jail on $50,000 cash only bond.

In his probable cause statement, Timothy Findley wrote:

I, Timothy Findley, knowing that false statements on this form are punishable by law, state that the facts contained herein are true.

1, I have probable cause to believe that on 09/29/2016, at 509- South Forrest, Richard Sailors, DOB: 05/31/1963, SSN: xxx-xx- xxxx, committed one or more of the criminal offenses.\t Degree Assault, RSMo 56

Armed Criminal Action, RSMo 571.015, Felony. Unlawful use of a Weapon, RSMo 571.030, Class D Felony,

2. The facts supporting this belief are as follows:

On September 29, 2016, at approximately 1201 hours, Sergeant Francis and I were dispatched to 509 South Forrest in reference to an assault involving a weapon. As I was enroute, Sergeant Francis met with the victim, who was enroute to the hospital in a privately owned vehicle.

We arrived at 509 South Forrest, and as we got to the door, Mr. Sailors opened the door and dropped a black powder revolver out the door. Upon checking the weapon, we found that two shots out of the revolver had been expended, and there were four rounds remaining. I placed Mr. Sailors in handcuffs, and read him his rights from my department issued card. Mr. Sailors stated that he had shot Steven Whitesell. Mr. Sailors stated that Mr. Whitesell and two other male subjects he did not know came into his back yard, and were threatening him. Mr. Sailors stated that he had the black powder weapon on his person, and then “fired a warning shot, up in the air”. Mr. Sailors stated that the three did not get off his property, so he fired another1shot at Mr. Whitesell, aiming for his shoulder, and hitting Mr. Whitesell. Mr. Sailors stated that Mr. Whitesell and the three men then got into an SUV, and drove off. Mr.’Sailors stated that “he was not trying to kill” Mr. Whitesell.

I responded to Cedar County Memorial Hospital, and met with Mr. Whitesell, who was in the ER. Mr. Whitesell stated that he had been shot. I observed that Mr. Whitesell had a large abrasion on his left arm above his elbow. Mr. Whitesell stated that he had been at Jennifer Kliene’s residence at 500 South Ohio. Mr.Whitesell stated that he did not know the man’s name. Mr. Whitesell stated that they had been on Ms. Kleine’s property, and Mr. Sailors had started shooting at them, firing two or three shots, hitting him once in the arm.

I later spoke with ER doctor Craig Whitesell, who .advised that Mr. Whitesell had been shot above his elbow, and the projectile had traveled into his forearm, causing a broken arm.

Richard Sailors committed the crime of First Degree Assault, to wit, he attempted to kill or cause serious physical injury to another, Steven Whitesell, by shooting Mr. Whitesell in the left arm, causing a broken arm.

Richard Sailors committed the crime of Armed Criminal Action, to wit, he committed a felony under the laws of this state, First Degree Assault, with the aid of a deadly weapon, to wit, a black powder revolver.

Richard Sailors committed the crime of Unlawful use of a weapon, to wit, he exhibited in the presence of one or more persons, a weapon, a black powder .44 revolver, readily capable of lethal use.

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