MELINDA GUMM RETIRES – Cedar County Circuit Court Clerk Melinda Gumm officially retired this past weekend, but was given a party honoring her 23 years of service on Wednesday, April 27, in the Cedar County Courthouse lobby. Friends, relatives and co-workers shared cake, punch and memories.
After 25 years working in law offices, Melinda decided to put her legal expertise to use in another field and besides that, she wanted a change. She ran for the office of Cedar County Circuit Clerk and was elected in 1999. For two years she also served as ex-officio recorder. Her first week in office she learned that none of the county’s records had been microfilmed as required by law. That began a 23 year labor of love to copy and preserve the county’s official records – along with her duties as Circuit Clerk. Also, along the way, she helped to renovate the courthouse, making better use of the third floor when the sheriff’s office moved into their own building.
She says, “I’ve had the opportunity of working with so many lawyers, judges and prosecutors and granted the ability to meet so many people across Cedar County. I am so grateful for all the support everyone has given me through my health issues and the loss of my husband. I have been so blessed with the people who have worked for me. I am overwhelmed.” She thanks everyone who has supported her all these years.