R-II Board to put no increase bond on ballot

During its Thursday, Aug. 18, meeting, the Dorado Springs School Board voted to put $5.6 million bond issue on the Nov. ballot with no increase in the current 54¢ levy.

The ballot language the board approved is: Shall the El Dorado Springs R-2 School District, Cedar County, Missouri, borrow money in the amount of five million six hundred thousand ($5,600,000) and issue general obligation bonds for the payment thereof, for purposes of constructing, improving, furnishing, and equipping new and existing school buildings and related facilities, including but not limited to the addition of an elevator to the High School Building to comply with ADA requirements, and constructing a classroom addition to the High School building and a new gymnasium? If this proposition is approved, no increase is expected to the District’s current debt service levy, which is $0.54000 per $100 of assessed valuation of taxable real and personal property.

The board had a lot of discussion about the possible bond issue and considered many options.

Supt. Mark Koca summarized the board’s decision for the Sun “in regards to the priority list for the bond issue.”

“The bond language will include elevator, gymnasium and classroom additions, kind of in that order.”

“When we get to the classroom additions, the things that were specifically named were High School science lab, Industrial Technology facility and vocal music.”

“We will probably be hashing out for awhile where the cutoff point is. We may not be able to do all of those things. We know we will do the first three.”

Q. Does it include a gym?

“It does.”

Q. A Middle School gym?

“We did not specify specifically. If I were going to hazard a guess, I would say that is all we can afford, because I know the difference is about $600,000 between a Middle School gym and a High School competition gym, but the bond language will just say ‘gymnasium.’ After our architect has ironed everything out, we will have a finalized list well in advance of the election so that everybody knows exactly what is going to be a part of that.”

“That’s were we are at right now.”

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