happy to be home  2cc front pageDAWSON AND DAWSON, AGAIN – Jake Dawson has joined the law practice of his father, Mike Dawson, at 207 South Main Street in El Dorado Springs.

Jake, a graduate of Osceola High School, received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from UCM. He taught school for six years, two in El Dorado Spring as a Special Education teacher and coach, before going to the Western Michigan Cooley Law School.

He was sworn in by Judge Journey in Clinton on Sept. 14. On Sept. 30 he will go to Jeff City to be sworn in before the Missouri Supreme Court and the Federal Court later the same day.

Of passing the bar exam, Jake said, “This is the biggest accomplishment for me as a professional. I’m happy to be back. I’m happy to be back with my family and the community I grew up in. I wanted to follow in Dad’s and my uncle’s (Jeff Dawson) profession. This brings me home. I’m pretty happy.”

Jake lives in El Dorado Springs with his wife, Emily, and their three-year old Shih Tzu, Sammie.

He is available by appointment Monday through Saturday. Call 417/876-2099.