HEY FROM JEFF CITY – Lieutenant Governor Mike Parson has commended Missouri farmers and agriculture associations for providing aid and assistance to victims of a massive wildfire in Kansas. Over 650,000 acres of land have burned, and numerous farmers have lost livestock and feed. Over the past few weeks, dozens of Missouri farmers including a 22 semi-truck and trailer coalition led by State Representative Tom Hurst (R-Meta) have delivered trucks of hay to aid victims of the wildfire. This local convoy photoed by Jami Crouch at Deerfield on March 16 included farmers who donated their time, hay and trucks: Jesse and LeeAnne Beaty, Craig Gundy, Fugate Farms, Jeff Newman, John Lewton, Jason Greenstreet, Johnathon Schwalm and Charlie Prough. Lieutenant Governor Parson also expressed his appreciation to both Governor Greitens and Kansas Governor Sam Brownback for temporarily easing highway weight restrictions on trucks carrying hay and supplies from Missouri.

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