Q. I understand you are our next superintendent.

Yes, sir, that’s the word.

Q. You are currently the superintendent at Rich Hill?

I am.

Q. How long have you been there?

This will be my third year. So 2 1⁄2 years.

Q. Had you been a superintendent somewhere before that?

No, I was an administrator in Butler. I had a year as an assistant principal, four years as assistant superintendent and three years as principal.

Q. All in Butler?

Yes. Five years teaching at Adrian, two years at Archie before that.

Q. What did you teach?

High School Social Studies, Biology and English Language Arts. Actually I have certification in all those areas.

Q. Where did you go to school?

University of Missouri – Columbia.  I was there in the mid – 90s when the football team was bad, right before things got good.

Q. You have a family?

I have a wife–Allison– and three kids–Aubrie, Oliver, and Alisa. I have a high school senior this year and a pair of 8th graders. The twins are a boy and a girl. The senior is a girl.

Q. We have two – a girl and a boy. We got married Halloween Night 1975. My wife picked the date. A short courtship but it’s lasted 44 years.

We are about half way where you are. We are 22 years in.

Q. And it doesn’t seem that long. I didn’t get married to count the days. She might be, but I’m not.

Q, What are your interests?

I work at school all the time. I love to read. I fish and hunt. I ride a bike. I do enjoy turkey hunting and deer hunting.

New R-II superintendent named

The El Dorado Springs R-2 Board of Education is happy to announce that Mr. Heath Oates has been named as the R-2 Superintendent of Schools for the 2020 school year.  

Mr. Oates is currently serving as the Superintendent of Schools in the Rich Hill School District and will start in his new position on July 1, 2020.

More information to follow.

Mark Koca, Superintendent

El Dorado Springs R-2 Schools

Q. How did you get into being a superintendent?

There’s a guy who used to work there. His name is Dave Hedrick. His brother, Doug, was my superintendent in Adrian. He always said, “You need to start your Admin degree.” I always said, “I enjoy teaching too much, Doug.”

Then we had those three little kids. I realized my wife was going to stay home (from teaching) with them while they were little. I decided I needed to start working on my Admin degree. So, that’s how that went.

I took the classes and I started to study it. Teaching was my calling and as a principal I worked to help teachers get better and as a superintendent, now I work to help principals get better.

Q. We have a new football coach…

I’ve coached some football in my day.

Q, And after a come from behind win, I told our superintendent, Mark Koca, on the sidelines, I’m a fan of Kelley Beckner.

Mark said, “I am, too, but probably not for the same reason you are. He helps the young coaches learn to coach and to learn to coach better.”

We have a good relationship with Mark.

H Oates, “I don’t see any reason that can’t continue. Anytime you need something, just let me know.”

Additional info from Mark Koca:

Heath grew up on a small farm outside of Adrian and attended the University of Missouri-Columbia for his undergraduate degree. He and his wife Allison are both educators and have three teenage children. 

In education, Heath has worked as a high school teacher, assistant football coach, assistant principal, high school principal, assistant superintendent and is currently the superintendent of the Rich Hill School District. Outside of school Heath works outside, fishes, hunts, and rides a bicycle. 

Heath is looking forward to working with the students, staff, and community members of the El Dorado Springs School District. 

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