MUNICIPAL BAND CONCERTS OVER FOR SUMMER OF 2019 – The El Dorado Springs Municipal Band would like to thank everyone who came out to listen to our concerts this summer. We have had many programs through June, July, and August and we have enjoyed playing for you these last three months.

   Have a great winter and spring and we hope to see you next June

Band Manager – Teri Biddlecome

Pictured front row – Alex Posey, Ethan Roberts, Alan Koca, Ron Marsh, David Capps, Mark Koca, Gary Hardison.

Second Row – Jordan White, Blake Carnahan, Teri Biddlecome, Elbert Biddlecome, Steve Banks, Brent Hillsman.

Third Row – Spencer Dooley, Cary Chambers, Lynn Fredricksen, Harleigh Rapp, Abbi Baldwin, Kayte Henson, Shang Xu, Libby Toliver, Tracy Lanser, Travis Cameron.

Fourth Row – Hunter Jacobs, Jonathan Holz, Sarah Holz, Nathan Marsh, Gyla Holz.

Back Row – Eric Strange, Jalen Julian, Duane Perkins.

Not Pictured – Susan Fox, Morgan Toliver, Caleb Alexander, Ben Vickers, Rebecca Keltner, Ashley Fox and Michael Fox.

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