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IT”S OFFICIAL – The community and Camp Galilee owners and personnel celebrated the camp’s new lease on life with an official El Dorado Springs Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting at 2:45 p.m. on Saturday, June 4, in front of the camp entrance. Visitors were  encouraged to tour the facilities and enjoy an all-time camp favorite, s’mores, crafted on any one of several camp fires.  Pictured are: (from left) Kama Deschane, Barbara Leeper, Bob Leeper, Shannon Mays, Clara Kate Farran, Glenda Baker, Jami Carpenter, Luke Farran, Travis Farran, El Dorado Springs Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jackson Tough, Site Director Katrina Herschberger, Site Director Enos Herschberger, Camp Owners Harold and Robin Fugate, Joe Barger, State Representative Warren Love, Rev. Jack Daniel, Eli McCormick, Nolan McCormick and Toshua McCormick. Camp Owners Drs. Mike and Cammie, delayed by travel issues, didn’t arrive in time for the ribbon cutting. More on Page 6.

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