SHAWN ABELL WORKS FOR ANIMALS THAT HAVE NO WHERE ELSE TO GO – At her animal sanctuary, Dogs’ Nation, on Hwy 32 in El Dorado Springs, Shawn works every day keeping her furry friends safe and fed. Some she works with to become service dogs. Keeping them alive has been a commitment she made at least since she’s been in this area for the last 15 or so years.

  But the past few years been difficult for Shawn and her charges. Some animal owners can no longer keep their pets and often they turn to drastic measures. In the last few months Shawn has taken in a large mixed breed dog that was tied to a tree in the woods in the Lamar are and a mother lab and nine puppies that were found in a field close to El Dorado Springs. Shawn said the puppies’ eyes were just barely open. She had to turn down other requests for sanctuary. He kennels are full. She said that some animal rescue places have had to resort to euthanasia.

  While an animal is with Shawn, they will live out their lives with her or be put into her service dog training program.

  The puppies will be trained as service dogs. She currently has several animals in the program. One of her goals is to make Cedar County service dog friendly.

  You can’t buy a dog from Shawn or adopt one. She considers every dog her personal dog. She would welcome help with taking care of the animals and would welcome volunteers. You can find her on Facebook.