On Friday, the Sun interviewed R-II Superintendent Mark Koca.

Q. On Ch. 10 this morning, they said Springfield is going to have summer school all on line an they are going to continue feeding their students. I wanted to see if you are going to have summer school and if you will continue to feed the kids.

We are going to have summer school. It will may be late in the summer.  We are just going to have to wait and see. We will feed the kids during summer school like we always do.

Q. Are you going to continue the sack lunches.?

No, once the kids are here we won’t do that. The way the rules work, any child under age 18 can come up here and pick up a meal.

Q. Any idea when that will start?

No, we’re going to wait and see what the Governor announces. That will give us an idea how long this is going to last.

Q. Do you think you will know any more Monday after the Governor talks?

We make our decisions at our Admin meetings on Fridays. So next Friday at noon probably I will know something on summer school, graduation and all that stuff so it probably wouldn’t do any good to call back Monday.