Beginning July 15, a statewide awareness campaign will remind Missouri motorists to drive safely around commercial motor vehicles.  In turn, commercial motor vehicle drivers will be reminded to obey traffic laws, use their seat belts, slow down and pay attention.

Commercial motor vehicles make up 20 percent of Missouri’s interstate traffic, carry goods from coast to coast, and are a vital part of our nation’s economy. When crashes involving tractor trailers happen the disproportionate size of the large truck versus a car means those crashes can often involve serious injuries, or worse. Research shows that in the majority of these crashes, drivers of passenger cars unnecessarily endanger themselves by not paying attention and driving recklessly around big rigs. That’s why it’s so important for all motorists to drive safely around big trucks. Respect the load. Share the road.

There’s no room for taking chances around big rigs – they require big room. “Please don’t risk your life by driving aggressively around big trucks,” said Jon Nelson, MoDOT assistant to the state highway and traffic engineer. “Please be patient and pay attention.”

• Don’t cut off large trucks or buses. Make sure you can see the truck’s cab lights in your rearview mirror before moving back into your original lane.

• Stay out of the “No Zone.” Big rigs have large blind spots on either side and up to 200 feet behind a vehicle. Pass only on the left side.

• Watch your following distance. Keep a safety cushion around trucks.  Can you see the truck’s side mirrors? If not, the driver cannot see you.

Sharing the road with commercial motor vehicles is a necessary part of travel. For more information on Commercial Motor Vehicle Awareness Campaign, visit

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